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Benefits Of Staying In A Historic Hotel

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When you’re planning a vacation that you truly want to be memorable, you might be thinking about a romantic trip in an area with history, stories, and a significant legacy. As you start looking at your options, one of the things that you should do to round out the plan is to book a room in a historic hotel in your destination area. Here’s a look at a few reasons why a historic hotel is the best choice. Read More»

Planning A Hawaiian Vacation? Why You Should Rent A Home In Kaanapali

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If you’re planning a Hawaiian vacation, pick somewhere a little off the beaten path. Most people choose the main tourist locations when they plan their Hawaiian vacations. But, that’s not necessarily the best way to enjoy Hawaii. To truly enjoy the Hawaiian experience, rent a vacation home in Kaanapali instead. When you vacation in Kaanapali, you’ll enjoy three-miles of beautiful coastline. Best of all, there are activities for you to enjoy every day. Read More»

3 Things Most People Forget To Pack For Their Vacation Rental

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The tickets are booked, the excursions planned, and now it’s time to pack your bags for vacation. Before you leave home, check out these three things you may have overlooked in getting ready for your vacation rental.  1. Device Chargers and Accessories Even if you’re planning to go off the grid on vacation, most people still want to be able to take photos and occasionally check in from their mobile devices. Read More»