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Effective Ways To Deal With A Noisy Hotel Guest Beside You

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When you’ve had a long day of traveling and are ready to get to bed early, the last thing you want is for the people in the hotel room next to you to be noisy. If the noise is taking place before the hotel’s enforced quiet hours, you don’t necessarily need to get a staff member involved — although that may be your final option if some other strategies don’t pan out. Read More»

How To Pack For A Vacation Home Getaway

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Packing for a vacation home getaway is different than packing for a vacation where you’ll be staying in a hotel. Vacation homes are typically outfitted with many of the accoutrements that you have at home, yet they might not have all the amenities that you’d get at a hotel. Here’s how to pack for a vacation home getaway. Bring Personal Water Safety Gear If you’re renting near a body of water, your vacation home rental will likely have canoes or kayaks at your disposal. Read More»

3 Tips For Saving Money On Your Lodging Accommodations

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One of the most expensive parts of vacations is the hotel stay, which is why it is so important to find the best possible rate on your lodging accommodations so that you can put that money saved toward the rest of your vacation. Listed below are three tips that can save you money on lodging during your next vacation. Avoid Travel Sites While travel sites that list package deals and hotels from all across the world are a great resource for someone wanting a one-stop-shop for all of their vacation planning needs, it is not always the best deal when it comes to finding a decently priced hotel room. Read More»

Ask For These Things For Free During Your Next Hotel Visit

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If you visit hotels enough, you might occasionally find yourself getting offered a free room upgrade, which can instantly improve the enjoyment of your visit. What you might not know, however, is that there are many different things at hotels that typically have a price, but that you can get for free — just by asking. It’s poor etiquette to approach the front desk with a long list of things that you want without having to pay for them, but as long as you’re polite and don’t ask for too much, it’s reasonable to expect that you can get the following things for free during your next hotel visit. Read More»

Three Tips For Turning Your Condo Into An All-Inclusive Luxury Vacation Rental

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The market for condominiums as vacation rentals and hotel lodging is always budding. If you have a condominium that you would like to make a vacation rental, your first challenge will be making sure that your rental stands out. If you want to attract the renters to your condo as a luxury rental, you should make it inclusive. Here are three ways to make an all-inclusive rental that will attract those looking to vacation in the local market. Read More»

Two Neighborhood Ideas For Columbia Grad Students Looking For A Rental Apartment Who Can't Find A Place In Morningside Heights

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If you’re a grad student who is going to attend Columbia University in the fall, and you’re having trouble finding an apartment rental in Morningside Heights, then you should expand your search. There are other neighborhoods besides Morningside Heights that are affordable and also provide an easy commute to the campus. Below is a list of two such neighborhoods. The first is located in Upper Manhattan and the second is located in The Bronx. Read More»