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Requirements For 2 Bedroom Apartment Rentals

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Before you look at 2-bedroom apartments for rent, you should understand what landlords will expect from you in order to move forward with the rental process. Landlords set specifications regarding income and rental history, and potential tenants must provide proof of the requested information. Learn more about the requirements for 2-bedroom apartments for rent. 

1. Research 

Do your research to gather details about the available 2-bedroom apartment rentals in your area. You will get a sense of what amenities to expect within your budget. Landlords will also post tenant requirements, so you know in advance if you can pursue a particular location or not. 

2. Background Check 

Your landlord will likely perform a background check on you. The background check will find criminal charges. The background check protects neighbors from violent criminals and thieves. A criminal charge doesn't automatically disqualify you as a tenant, but you should be upfront about your past from the beginning. 

3. Income and Credit Score 

You will need to prove your income and your credit score. 

To prove your income, show your landlord the last couple of pay stubs you received. 

You can get a free credit score from numerous online financial platforms similar to CreditKarma. 

4. Security Deposit 

A security deposit is a payment the tenant makes before moving in designed to cover any damages present when they leave. Security deposits don't go toward wear and tear but rather unprecedented damage, such as broken cabinet handles, damaged carpet, or holes in the drywall. The security deposit varies greatly based on the landlord, but most landlords expect two months' rent as a security deposit. On top of the security deposit, you may also have to include the first month's rent.

5. Signed Lease

A lease spells out the agreement between you and the landlord. The lease clarifies the duration of the lease. It also clarifies tenant rights and expectations. For example, a lease may specify that the apartment doesn't permit pets or smoking. Tenants who break the terms of the lease may face eviction. The lease also explains landlord expectations, such as timely repairs. 

6. Move-in Truck 

Don't forget to include the expense, time, and effort of moving into your moving plans. To save money on movers, move as much into your apartment by yourself as you can and only hire professionals for the large items. Move items into your new apartment carefully. You don't want to cause damage on move-in day. 

You will need to get things together before you can move into an apartment. With these details in place, you should be relaxing in your new apartment before you know it.