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Planning A Hawaiian Vacation? Why You Should Rent A Home In Kaanapali

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If you're planning a Hawaiian vacation, pick somewhere a little off the beaten path. Most people choose the main tourist locations when they plan their Hawaiian vacations. But, that's not necessarily the best way to enjoy Hawaii. To truly enjoy the Hawaiian experience, rent a vacation home in Kaanapali instead. When you vacation in Kaanapali, you'll enjoy three-miles of beautiful coastline. Best of all, there are activities for you to enjoy every day. There's also plenty of nightlife to enjoy, as well. Here are four activities you can enjoy when you rent a vacation home in Kaanapali.

Take a Walking Tour

If you don't want to spend your vacation cooped up in a car, rent a home in Kaanapali. You can take in the sites, explore out-of-the-way locations, and walk along the coast during your stay in kaanapali. There's even an oceanfront boardwalk for you to take leisurely strolls along any time of the day, or night. 

Enjoy the Water

If you're going on a Hawaiian vacation, you'll want to enjoy the water. Kaanapali is one of the best places in Hawaii to do that. In fact, you can participate in just about any water activity you can think of while you're vacationing in Kaanapali. You can get up close with the sea life by taking a whale-watching excursion. Or, you can jump in the water for a day of snorkeling. In fact, you can snorkel right along the shoreline. If you'd prefer, you can paddle board or body surf while you're on vacation. 

Test Your Nerves

If you want to get adventurous while you're on vacation, you need to visit Kaanapali. There are a lot of activities that will test your nerves. Two of those activities are cliff-jumping, and parasailing. If this is your first time attempting these activities, don't worry. There will be someone there to show you the ropes. If you want to try something truly unique while you're on vacation, take a submarine ride under the ocean. 

Learn the Art of Blown Glass

If you like the idea of taking vacations that are fun and educational, visit Kaanapali. Kaanapali is the home of Moana Glass, which is an active art studio that specializes in blown glass. One of the great things about this art studio is that you get to participate. So, instead of just watching the process, you get to learn how to create blown glass for yourself. 

If you are planning to visit Hawaii, kaanapali home rentals will be a great place to look for lodging while you are there.