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Pheasant Hunting For Beginners

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Pheasant hunting is a fun, social, and challenging sport, which, when done well, results in a wonderful meal. There are many different methods people use to shake out pheasants, though each hunter has their own tricks. If you are just getting into the sport, here are a few tips on how how to get started. 

Dogs or No Dogs?

Using a dog to drive pheasant works extremely well for some hunters, while others struggle. Some hunters seem to assume that any dog will be a good driver, though this is not always the case. Some dogs lack the instinct to find and scare the birds into the air. However, with a little bit of practice, your dog could become a great hunter and retriever. It is possible to hunt pheasant without the use of an animal, though you must know what you are doing. It is a good idea for dogs to drive pheasants uphill towards hunters so that by the time they take to the air they will be close enough to shoot. This should be done in a zig-zag manner so as to get all the birds. 

Know Where to Hunt

During the heat of the season, pheasants are likely to be around water under large amounts of brush. This does not necessarily mean they will be around a lake. They could be anywhere where water is found, including irrigation ditches, ponds, streams, or even canals. This is usually the first place that you should look for them. 

Choose Your Weapon

Every hunter usually has a preference as to which gun they will use. For hunting pheasant, many choose a 20 gauge since it is lighter than a 12 and very portable. However, a 20 gauge, 16 gauge, or even a 12 gauge will work great when hunting these beautiful birds. 

Follow the Signs

There are many signs which good hunters can read to know when pheasant are around. Learn to listen for the crowing of the roosters and know their tracks. Also, pay attention to what types of vegetation are growing in the area. Pheasant can usually be found where corn or cattail is growing, but they also enjoy other plants. 

Once you have made a plan of how you are going to get your pheasant, get your hunting license and load up! With a good plan and a little practice, you are bound to have a great season. Look into hunting lodges like Ringnecks Hunting Lodge today.