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A Couples Retreat That Features Deer Hunting, Cozy Accommodations, And A Wide Range Of Outdoor Activities

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If you consider yourself a seasoned hunter and have been lucky enough to provide your family with plenty of deer meat each year, take your love of the outdoors up a notch by visiting a hunting ranch that caters to couples. Your wife can come along with you on the trip and participate in activities that are offered while you head out into the woods or pasture in search of your next prized buck.

Seek Lodging That Is All-Inclusive

Some ranches offer a variety of amenities and activities that can make the trip memorable and educational. If your spouse doesn't partake in hunting, but relishes in environmental activities, she may be inclined to go on a guided tour of the property, which features observing animals in their natural habitat. If the ranch is situated on a tract of land that is bordered by a lake or a pond, boating or fishing may be offered. Seek lodging that is all-inclusive and that will allow you and your wife to pick and choose amenities or activities on a daily basis.

Don't focus solely on the hunting aspect of the trip. If you want to spend quality time with your partner, order room service or sit in front of your private fireplace while discussing how the following day will unfold. Some lodging is provided in a main building that houses other individuals and families, but you may also be able to select a private cabin that is located in a tranquil area. If you are able to reserve a private structure, request a room or a cabin that includes linens, cooking gear, and appliances.

Practice Your Butchering Skills and Learn New Ways to Prepare Meat

Butchering fresh meat requires adequate control of a knife so that cuts can be made with precision. Even if you have been butchering meat for a couple decades, you may still be able to learn new slicing methods that you will appreciate. Find out if the ranch offers a butchering class that is paired with a cooking demonstration. Your wife can observe the initial portion of the presentation and then participate in the cooking part.

A veteran hunter and cook will demonstrate various ways to prepare a hearty meal with a deer steak. This information can be replicated during an evening that you and your wife have decided to stay in. Use the appliances that are in your room or cabin to recreate a delicious meal that utilizes the bounty of meat that you have acquired through one of your hunting sessions.