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When Resorts And Hotels Compete With Over-The-Top Amenities, Guests Are The Winners

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These days, it may be tempting to think that customer service is just a thing of the past, especially with many airlines paring down legroom and upping fees for extras that used to be free. But many hotels and resorts have gone in the opposite direction, offering lavish amenities for their best customers. Check out these perks that you may want to ask about next time you book a room at your favorite destination.

Luxury Services

It used to be that life was grand if you had an iron and a coffee maker in your room, and a minibar was pure luxury. Now those elements are de rigeur, and you won't have to lift a finger in the best establishments.

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you can expect many finer accommodations to deliver to your room fax machines, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones for your convenience. But how does an in-room fireplace expert sound to help you create that cozy, romantic atmosphere while you lounge in your plush bathrobe? Or a pianist to serenade you and your guests during cocktail hour?

If you like to be pampered but want to take the tricks of the trade home with you, you can enjoy the latest resort trend of private bartenders. Not only will they whip up your favorite libation, they'll teach you how to prepare exotic drinks too.

Esoteric Instruction

If learning is your game, why not take advantage of hotels that provide fun classes for their guests? Instruction in flower arranging, astronomy, and dog training let you make entertaining use of your downtime. If you're not familiar with the city where you're staying, try a running coach, who can show you the best routes in town, so you can combine fitness and sightseeing.

Borrowed and Gifted Fashion

Don't let forgetting your workout gear keep you from going on that fab run! Look for a hotel that provides exercise apparel, including shoes, for their customers.

Got an impromptu invitation for a fancy evening but have nothing to wear? Fear not, maybe your hotel can rustle up a little black dress or tux from their boutique or partnership with a local designer.

Unique Scents

Nothing says luxury like a heavenly scent. Did you know that many hotels infuse their air with unique aromas to cement their brand in their guests' brains and create the perfect atmosphere?

If you long for that ideal blend of figs, pipe tobacco, and old library books in your own living room, just talk to the gift shop (via your personal butler, of course). Or better yet, head to your luxury provisions cabinet, and look for a room spray or candle that will have you feeling like you're a member of the Royal Family, even when you're back home, surrounded by Barbies, Big Wheels, and dog slobber.

Can't find your complimentary scent kit? Why, it's right there, next to your handmade jewelry and free limited-edition coffee-table book.

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