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Types Of Accommodation For Families Of Five Or More On Vacation

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Anyone who's ever tried to go on vacation and find accommodations for families with five or more people has quickly realized this isn't an easy feat to master, especially if you're on a budget. Most hotel rooms only allow four people. There are a few options, however, for these larger families.

Family Suites

One popular option often available in larger cities with certain hotels is the family suite.Family suites take a few different forms, but typically offer enough beds to sleep at least five people. For example, the suite could consist of two separate areas divided by a partial wall, one with a king or queen bed and the other with a sofa that turns into another bed, or it could involve two separate rooms with a TV area in between them. This type of arrangement allows for parents and kids to all stay in the same area. Sometimes there is even a kitchenette in this type of room or two bathrooms instead of just one.

Apartment Hotels

Another option is to look into available apartment hotels. These hotels typically offer rooms that are like apartments, including one or more bedrooms, a living room and kitchen and laundry areas. This is a good option for families that would prefer to cook at least some of their own meals or those that are staying somewhere for a longer time period.

Vacation Rentals

Sometimes, once a family has five or more members, the best option is to rent a vacation home or cabin, which can be like a home away from home. This can be surprisingly affordable, so it is definitely worth looking into. It's the option that tends to give larger families the most space and options. Also, some of these homes have extra amenities, such as hot tubs or beach or golf club access. As with apartment hotels, they have kitchens and laundry facilities. They also often have yards, giving kids a little more room to run around and play. Some even allow pets, which isn't the case with many hotels.

Connecting Rooms

In some places, especially smaller towns, it may be necessary to rent two rooms. When this is the case, it's obviously best to get connecting rooms that have a door between them whenever possible. Otherwise, the grown-ups may have to split up and each stay in a separate room with one or two of the children in order to be able to keep an eye on them, which isn't the ideal situation.