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How To Pack For A Vacation Home Getaway

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Packing for a vacation home getaway is different than packing for a vacation where you'll be staying in a hotel. Vacation homes are typically outfitted with many of the accoutrements that you have at home, yet they might not have all the amenities that you'd get at a hotel. Here's how to pack for a vacation home getaway.

Bring Personal Water Safety Gear

If you're renting near a body of water, your vacation home rental will likely have canoes or kayaks at your disposal. They may even have life jackets for your family's use. However, life jackets need to fit correctly in order to be fully effective. A smaller child can easily slip out of a life jacket that's too large. Invest in your own personal life jackets or inflatable arm bands to ensure maximum water safety.

Bring Your Own Bed Sheets and Pillows

Your vacation home may or may not provide bed linens, but bring your own either way. First of all, you'll sleep more comfortably with your own sheets and pillows. Secondly, when you leave you won't have to worry about laundering the house sheets. Just pull your sheets off the bed, pack them up and bring them home to wash.

Pack Favorite Spices

Even vacation homes with fully stocked kitchens won't necessarily have ample quantities of your favorite cooking spices. Don't risk going without your favorite steak sauce or fish seasoning. Buy a clear plastic shoebox and pack it up with your favorites for easy access and easy packing.

Bring Your Own Firewood and Starter

When you rent a vacation home with a fireplace, you are probably looking forward to the family cozying up in front of the fire in the evening. Make sure that happens by bringing along your own firewood, fire starter and matches. It will make things easier for everyone, and you won't have to hope the last guests didn't use up all the wood.

Bring Your Own Paper Products

Vacation homes often get rented in succession, making it almost impossible for owners to keep it fully stocked with paper products. Be on the safe side and pack your own supply of napkins, paper towels, tissues, toilet paper, diapers and feminine hygiene products.

It's too bad when you arrive at your vacation home only to find out you have to go back out to the town shopping center to buy supplies. When you bring these suggested items, you'll be able to unpack and start having fun right away. For information on renting vacation homes, contact a company like Eagles Nest.