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Three Tips For Turning Your Condo Into An All-Inclusive Luxury Vacation Rental

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The market for condominiums as vacation rentals and hotel lodging is always budding. If you have a condominium that you would like to make a vacation rental, your first challenge will be making sure that your rental stands out. If you want to attract the renters to your condo as a luxury rental, you should make it inclusive. Here are three ways to make an all-inclusive rental that will attract those looking to vacation in the local market. 

Stock the refrigerator 

Being able to prepare the meals that they want is one of the reasons why many people prefer a condo rental to a hotel. As a part of your all-inclusive condominium rental, you should stock the refrigerator before each guest. Though you may not know their particular eating style, adding staples such as chicken, fruits, vegetables, rice, and salads inside of the refrigerator will work for many. You can also offer muffins and danish as quick grab morning foods. Bottled water and wine for adults will work well as refreshments. Most hotel mini bars have an extraordinary cost compared to the items at the store, so offering these as a part of the stay can help keep your place booked. 

Offer a concierge service

For condos in major cities, offering a concierge service that can help arrange transportation, find take out, and track down tickets to the events is a much-desired service. Find a concierge service that will offer you a contract for your vacation rental. Having this service available means that you will attract those interested in taking an upscale vacation. Be sure to keep a long-term contract with the service so that you will not have to notify them every time you have a guest. The perfect concierge service will be reachable by phone 24/7. Do not forget to leave the information to these on the desk or table that your rental guests will see as soon as they walk in. 

Daily cleaning service

One of the toughest parts about choosing a condo rental instead of a hotel is the cleaning service availability. Combat this issue by finding a maid service that can come to your home each day. Have this service make the beds, take the linens in to be laundered, and perform an overall household cleaning. The cleaning should take less than an hour, barring any party hosting or other major events happening at your condo rental. This service can help those interested in a relaxing vacation choose your rental over a hotel.

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