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Two Neighborhood Ideas For Columbia Grad Students Looking For A Rental Apartment Who Can't Find A Place In Morningside Heights

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If you're a grad student who is going to attend Columbia University in the fall, and you're having trouble finding an apartment rental in Morningside Heights, then you should expand your search. There are other neighborhoods besides Morningside Heights that are affordable and also provide an easy commute to the campus. Below is a list of two such neighborhoods. The first is located in Upper Manhattan and the second is located in The Bronx.


Inwood is the northern most neighborhood in Manhattan. If you're looking for a place in Manhattan, but don't like the super congested feel of most areas, then Inwood is perfect. It is less dense than most other Manhattan neighborhoods thanks to the numerous parks and green space. There are only 40,000 people in the neighborhood. If you're the type who likes exercising in the outdoors, then you will love the nearby Inwood Hill Park. There are also lots of local restaurants (cafes, diners, Dominican cuisine, and Pizza places).

Their main street is Broadway. This is where you will find all your shopping needs. Supermarkets, salons, pharmacies, wine stores, hardware and vitamin stores are all on the main street.

The neighborhood is also super convenient when it comes to public transportation. You can catch the #1 subway line at 215th street and 207th street. This line will drop you right off at Columbia University (116th street).


You shouldn't rule out crossing the bridge and renting in The Bronx. Kingsbridge is located directly north of Inwood. You cross a bridge located at 225th street (either on foot or on the #1 subway) and then you are in The Bronx. The area has lots of apartments that you can rent, as well as many privately owned homes (west of Broadway) where you might find a room for rent.

The area has loads of shopping centers, gourmet grocers, a major shopping plaza with Target, Plant Fitness, Vitamin Shoppe and GNC, chain restaurants, and health food stores. There is even a BJ's located at 238th.

If you like to exercise outdoors, you can enjoy Van Cortland Park, located north of 238th street. It's the third largest park in New York City. There are horseback riding trails (you can rent a horse for the afternoon), a large public pool, cross-country trails for running, handball courts, a huge field call the Parade Ground for tanning or playing Frisbee, and virtually anything else you could want. The park is also host to many fun cultural events, including Shakespeare in the Park and performances by the New York Philharmonic.

You will take the same subway line (#1) to get into Manhattan. The subway stops at 225th street, 231st street, 238th and 242nd (the final stop, right outside the entrance to Van Cortland Park).